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Hi, I’m Kim. I love to speak, teach, and train about all things Adlerian play therapy and sandtray play therapy. I teach educators and therapists practical, low-cost, techniques to utilize when working with children. These interventions help kids gain insight into their ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving, so they can shift to more socially appropriate behaviors.  I use evidence-based theories and incorporate neuroscience research in an understandable, relatable, and practical manner. 

My journey into Adlerian play therapy began in 2018 when I attended my first training with Terry Kottman, the founder and developer of Adlerian play therapy. Before then, I had been strictly child-centered in my work with children and rarely involved parents and families in my work. This theory and way of being with kids felt inauthentic, however, I did not know there was another way.

A lot has happened since that first class! I have completely embraced Adlerian as my foundational theory in all my work with children AND families. Realizing, it's ok to be directive in sessions, and that clients need to gain insight to create real change in their lives, I feel congruent and authentic in my sessions. Involving the parents and families into my work has also shifted the way I practice in a positive direction.

When I attended my ICST training, I was feeling depleted, exhausted, and alone. I had a solo practice working with children and families. My caseload and waiting list was extensive.

Through the magic and science of sandtray and connection with my cohort, I returned to my practice excited, inspired, and capable of implementing this new way of interacting with clients. In addition, I learned more about myself and why I love this work, and even discovered ways to improve and market my business centering around this new technique I had learned.

Having organized conferences and workshops myself, my goal is to make managing the speaker (me) the least stressful part of the event. I have presented at the local, state, and national level for small agencies and larger organizations. Participants leave my workshops equipped with activities to use with their child clients and feeling inspired about their work as a therapist. These play-based activities meet clients’ developmental needs and adapt their behaviors to more prosocial responses. Training can be tailored to meet the needs of your conference, organization, or agency. 

Potential Training Topics Include:

Adlerian Play Therapy Fundamentals:

In Adlerian play therapy, therapists use the concepts of Alfred Adler’s Individual Psychology to conceptualize children and their parents and teachers, while using toys, art, play material, and metacommunication to connect and communicate with them. The process of co-creating a relationship with the child through play allows therapists to communicate in a way that facilitates exploration of the child’s patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving, helps the child gain insight into those patterns, and invites the child to make changes in any patterns that are self-defeating or destructive. 

I Brought My Crayons: Utilizing Art Techniques in Adlerian Play Therapy: 

During this experiential class, you will learn art techniques and interventions to explore the phases and lifestyle concepts of Adlerian play therapy. This fun, engaging, interactive workshop will provide you with practical strategies you can use immediately with clients. These techniques will be low-cost and will assist you in gaining insight into your client’s patterns of beliefs, feelings, and behaviors.

Integrating Adlerian Play Therapy and EMDR:

During this didactic, conversational class, you will learn techniques and interventions to explore the phases and lifestyle concepts of Adlerian play therapy within the 8 phases of EMDR. This fun, engaging, and interactive workshop will provide you with practical strategies you can use immediately with your EMDR clients. These techniques will assist you in gaining insight into your client’s patterns of beliefs, feelings, and behaviors.

Adlerian Play Therapy in the School Setting:

Want to learn ways to connect with and encourage students in the school setting? Come explore how to use Adlerian Play Therapy to enhance your effectiveness in doing school-based therapy.  Learn ways to develop a team of Encouragement Agents to support your work in the school. Go in and beyond the playroom supporting student success!

Introduction to Sandtray Play Therapy:

This workshop is an introductory class to sandtray work within the play therapy setting. It will cover how to work with both children and adults in sandtray as well as specific methods and techniques.

Neuroscience of Sandtray Play Therapy:

This workshop is an advanced sandtray therapy class within the play therapy setting. It will cover the brain science behind sandtray therapy and how this relates to working with clients in the sand.

Education, Licenses, Certifications, and Training

  • MSW Graduate University of Iowa 2011

  • Licensed Independent Social Worker - State of Iowa 

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker- State of Illinois 

  • Registered Play Therapist Supervisor

  • Advanced Certified Adlerian Play Therapist Consultant and Teacher

  • Internationally Credentialed Sandtray Therapist Provider

  • EMDR Certified Therapist and Consultant

  • AutPlay Certified Therapist

  • Registered Clinician with Association for Treatment of Trauma and Attachment in Children

  • Certified Synergetic Play Therapist

  • Trained in Theraplay Levels I & II

  • 2016 Association for Play Therapy Leadership Academy Graduate

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“Would absolutely recommend! Informative and filled with moments to grow in.”

-workshop participant

“Covered a lot in fairly clear way with examples. Good balance with activities experientially.”

-workshop participant

“I loved Kim. Very down to Earth, knowledgeable, and great ideas.”

-workshop participant

“Incredible amount of content - thank you for providing such thorough resources we can leave and take directly into sessions.”

-workshop participant